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Do you want to have a short and catchy Internet name for your business? You have already tried to find one, but there were no free?

If the answer is yes, this page is for you.

The total number of valid three-letter combinations is almost fifty thousand (47,952 for every top level domain, to be precise). The majority of these domains have already been taken. Checking availability of one domain could take you twenty seconds - checking all of them will take 266 hours, that is, eleven days of round-the-clock work. We are doing this tedious work for you, and maintain an up to date database containing all the three-symbol domain names that are still not registered.

You may query our database, and find a nice domain for yourself, and this service is free !

All what you need to do is to check, at which places you allow digits in the domain name - and click on the "Start" button. It's that simple. You may also choose a letter that you wish the domain names to begin with.

When you have found the name you like, go here to register it.

Besides, a good collection of high quality domains is now just a click away.

Attention! On May 15th, 2000 the last 3-symbol .com domain was registered. We are keeping track of names being dropped, but that is a rare thing. Please search .net domains.

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